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deans welcome 

College of Education Dean Maria FranquizThe College of Education at the University of Utah is housed in a new state-of-the-art building. This inspirational workspace was made possible through the generosity of visionaries, especially the Beverley Taylor Sorenson family, who appreciate the critical role arts and education play in the overall health of learners. In this wondrous space our technology-enhanced classrooms help us bring an interactive learning environment to students in satellite classrooms in Southern Utah and beyond. Our new building also provides dynamic spaces for collaborative group project work.

In our teacher education program our goal is the translation of new knowledge into leadership. While still extremely important, it is no longer sufficient to cultivate teachers with only technical skills. Teachers must have the abilities to develop educational lessons and programs that optimize access and opportunities for all children. Our graduates emerge with a sense that they must be innovative and caring in all that they do.  Socially just outcomes are understood as ethical imperatives.

The college is a very remarkable place where our nationally distinguished faculty members are engaged in cutting-edge research and at the same are devoted to their teaching and to mentoring undergraduate and graduate students.  As a community, we are dedicated to preparing teachers, administrators, school psychologists, counselors, professors, and community leaders who share a common commitment to improve the learning experiences of all children, youth, their families and their communities. In this way, our alumni become change agents and full participants as global citizens.

It is my privilege to serve as Dean. It is an honor to work in concert with exceptional faculty, staff and students. We are here to fulfill our shared values and to continue the history of excellence that has defined the scholarship and teaching in the College of Education. If you would like to study in our college do not hesitate to contact us.

María E. Fránquiz, PhD
Professor and Dean

Last Updated: 5/22/17