Community of Caring Quote: Sierra Lillie Shoudt-Reddi

I believe that the Upper Merion Middle School was awarded with this great honor, because our school truly has amazing character. We epitomize the five core values of Community of Caring…you see them, you feel them, and you live them being a student here. All of our fundraisers for people in need whether here in King of Prussia or halfway around the world in Haiti teach us compassion. Our school spirit shines through with our collective enthusiasm for our sports teams, drama club productions, talent shows, school wide spirit days and more. Clubs and groups that range from Healthy Living to CREATE’s Embracing Diversity to the Optimist Club’s passion for helping others to TSA’s teaching us how to be leaders and team members at the same time and every other group and club in between reinforce the Community of Caring values in some respect. I could go on and on about each and every aspect of our school and why I believe we were awarded with this honor but I will leave you with these thoughts. Every day when I walk through the doors of the middle school, no matter how I may be feeling, I always feel the caring from my teachers and staff members, respect for myself and my peers, responsibility to do my work and help others as needed, trust that we will all look out for each other, and for me that translates into family. I’m not saying that we’re perfect, but if there is a problem, and you ask for help, you will be helped, if you have an idea you will be heard, and if you have a concern you will be acknowledged. We here at the Upper Merion Middle School know that the Community of Caring values are not just words on a wall, or pretty thoughts on a poster, or in a handout.   They are our reality. Thank you.

Dr. William Sullivan
Carnegie foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
And former member Community of Caring Board of Directors

"American education is finally beginning to catch up with what Community of Caring schools have known for a very long time: the stronger the sense of community in a school, the better educational outcomes are likely to be.”

Marco Cera
Franklin Avenue Middle School
(201) 891-0202

Ms. Keith,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your work in putting together a
successful day of professional development for the faculty at Franklin
Avenue Middle School.  Your presentation coupled with the activities were
engaging, relevant, and practical.  I believe our faculty walked away from
today's session with several worthwhile ideas that they can readily
implement into their classrooms.  Moreover, I know the faculty was
appreciative of your recognition of their efforts in the arena of
character education to date.  I am hopeful that they will look at refining
existing programs so that they incorporate all of the core values.

Once again, I would like to thank you for taking the time to provide our
faculty with some wonderful feedback and guidance.  I look forward to
seeing you in Sarasota.

Marco Cera