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Who We Are

Community of Caring is a comprehensive education program focusing on whole school improvement and creating tools to sustain that improvement. The work is based on five (5) core principles: Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Trust and Family. Community of Caring's goal is to create caring school climates embedded with core ethical values. To achieve this goal, proven strategies are used that reach across student age groups, are effective with professional staff, and involve families to foster positive relationships. We acknowledge that many schools model these core values and character principles. With this understanding in mind, we design and create action plans that are specific to the needs of individual schools.

What We Do

Community of Caring collaborates with schools, districts and communities to improve and transform and sustain a positive school culture and climate that is safe and supportive for all members of the community. Our team works with teachers, parents and school leaders to provide services and activities for creating safe and healthy learning environments in which all children and professionals can succeed.

Professional Development

Community of Caring offers professional development that is focused around the needs of the educators and the families in each school. Our work with schools focuses upon a need to create school environments that are more inclusive and accepting of all members of the community. This approach to development is intended to be long-term, collaborative, and practical.

Student-Focused Presentations

Community of Caring offers presentations developed for students in schools and communities. The presentations are intended to offer the students an opportunity to explore and discover their roles in creating and sustaining a positive school environment. These presentations can be: full school assemblies, author visits, individual classroom visits, or after-school programs.


Family and Community Involvement

Community of Caring recognizes that families are the first place that children learn values and develop the tools necessary to create an environment that is positive for all members. Through the school, we work with families and community-centered groups and organizations to create meaningful ways to build relationships and collaborate on activities that are based on the five core values.


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"In Community of Caring, we believe the quality of caring we give to our parents, to our brothers and sisters, to our families, to our friends and neighbors, and to the poor and the powerless endows a life, a community with respect, hope and happiness."

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Founder