Professional Development

Community of Caring Professional Development Workshops


Transforming Schools, The Caring Way
Creating a School-Wide Community of Caring

This full day professional development workshop focuses on introducing core values, program components and implementation strategies. All school personnel should plan on attending this workshop; staff and support staff. Workshops would be conducted on the campus of each school by a Community of Caring national trainer. Each participant will receive a resource packet with material. Workshops outcomes include school-wide behavior rubric reflective of program core values, integration of core values into existing curriculum content per grade level or content area, and outline for the year of an action plan implementing program components and core values.

This workshop is recommended as a prerequisite for other Community of Caring trainings.

Additional professional development workshops include the following. These selections aid schools in the implementation process and provide the necessary tools for teachers to take character education to greater degrees of implementation and classroom integration.

  • Developing a Comprehensive Character Education Plan
  • Transitioning Community Service to Service Learning
  • Embedding Community of Caring Values into the Existing Curriculum
  • Engaging Students in Bully-Free School Campaigns
  • Aligning Community of Caring Program Practices to the 11 Principles of Character Education
  • Including Everyone in a Community of Caring, Especially those with Special Needs


As schools move forward in the implementation process, Community of Caring provides services to help schools focus on that process and increase program sustainability through coaching/mentoring. These offerings are designed to support building leadership after the initial Transforming Schools, The Caring   Way.

Through online conferencing, a national trainer will provide feedback on action plan development, discuss faculty meeting vignettes, and provide schools with examples and resources of program component examples.

  • Development and Analysis of Character Education Action Plan
  • Providing Resources to Enhance the Implementation Process
  • Creating Faculty Meeting Vignettes
  • Facilitating Lead Teacher Consultation
  • Lead Teacher Workshops: Facilitating Change and Program Sustainability