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College Council

College Council Executive Committee Members:   Leticia Alvarez Gutiérrez, Mary D. Burbank, Jason Burrow-Sánchez,  John McDonnell, Yongmei Ni, Janiece Pompa, Audrey Thompson, Veronica Valdez

2015 - 2016 College Council Executive Committee Updates:

College Council Update - January 2016

  • At the request of Dean Fránquiz, and with the encouragement of a number of council members, the Executive Committee has been hard at work revising the COE College Charter. This work is focused on achieving three objectives. First, is to up-date the Charter so that the practices of the Council, the Executive Committee, and the standing committees of the Council (RPT, Curriculum, and Appeals Committees) reflect current University policies and procedures. The second is to provide a comprehensive description of the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee in setting COE policies. Finally, is to create structures in the Charter that will promote accountability and more effective communication between the Executive Committee, the COE standing committees, and the Council (faculty and staff) regarding COE policies and procedures.
  • The Executive Committee hopes to complete the initial draft of the new Charter within the next month. We are proposing to hold a Council meeting on March 21st from 1:00 to 2:30 to lay out the principles that the Committee used in developing the draft, to review the draft Charter language, and to gather your input on the development of the final draft. Our goal is to distribute the old COE Charter and the new Charter draft to each of you by March 4th so that you will have two weeks to read them before the Council Meeting. Following the meeting the Executive Committee will incorporate the feedback that we receive from the Council into a final Charter draft. We plan to ask the Council to vote to approve the revised Charter before the end of the academic year.
  • The Executive Committee has also established an Ad Hoc Committee to develop draft policies and procedures for the evaluation, retention, and promotion of Career-Line faculty in the COE. The goal is to develop college policies that are consistent with the University policies recently approved by the Academic Senate. The Ad Hoc Committee will be chaired by Mary Burbank. The members will include Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski (ELP), Kristen Paul (SPED), and Janice Pompa (EDPS). The Executive Committee will keep you informed as the work of the ad hoc committee progresses.
  • If you have issues or concerns that you would like the Executive Committee to discuss please feel free to let me ( or your department representative on the committee know.
Academic Senate Update - Nov 2, 2015
  • University accreditation visit:  Following last week’s University accreditation visit, the site visitors noted the following as positive features of the University: faculty governance-administration relationships; the quality of the Marriott Library; holistic admissions; the U Online program; and learning communities. They also commented positively on the University community’s school pride and spirit and knowledge of University goals. Their official report will be delivered at a future time.
  • ASUU The president of ASUU will be working with the Counseling Center to create a task force to assess the need for mental health services on campus.
  • Policy 4-004, the policy governing information security at the University and its implementing rules is currently posted on the University website. It was approved by the senate in May 2014 and will be in force beginning in April 2016.
Academic Senate Update – Fall 2015

• The university will be undergoing an accreditation visit by NWCCU on Oct. 28 - 30, 2015. The visiting team meetings are as follows:

Wednesday, Oct. 28 - Gould Auditorium, Marriott Library
9:45 - 10:30 a.m., Staff Open Session
3 - 3:45 p.m. Faculty Open Session
4 - 5 p.m. Student Open Session

• Faculty are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting.

• New buildings and remodels on campus were discussed. The big project in the middle of campus is the Gardner Building, which will involve taking down OSH.

• ASUU – Homecoming is this week. The ASUU logo has been updated. On October 27, from 6-7 pm, Sheryl WuDunn will be speaking on her book, Half The Sky. Admission is $10, and is free for students.

• Daniel Bowden, Chief Information Security Officer, reviewed the revised Security Policy and Rules 4-004, which were passed in May 2015. However, they will not be enforceable until April 2016 in order to allow time for review. There will be two open houses where the language of the two rules, which were approved in May 2015, will be discussed.

• Changes implemented by the Credits and Admissions Committee were discussed.

• The Learning Outcomes Assessment ad hoc Committee was created to balance policy with implementation. A motion was made and passed to approve this committee.

• Academics in Athletics – Nona Richardson reported that student athletes maintain performance equal to above the general student population as measured by graduation rates, APR (academic performance rating) scores (which awards points for retention and eligibility). They have gone up gradually in the last four years and we are third or fourth in the PAC-12 in academic ratings.

• The School of Dentistry applied for and received a $1.5 million federal grant to create a program that provides dental services to drug abusers.

2014 - 2015 College Council Executive Committee Updates:

Academic Senate Update – March 2015
(Senators Yongmei Ni, Janiece Pompa, & Leanne Hawken)

Faculty Guidance When Interacting with the Press

• We are government employees so the restriction on free speech is very limited.
• We are also under the legal protection of academic freedom since we are part of the University. We enjoy the rights of freedom of speech, as long as we are expressing our own opinion in "individual capacity," not as spokesperson of our department, college, or university. As long as what we say does not intentionally cause "substantial and material disruption to the university."
• It is always good to have the "Opinions expressed are solely my own" disclaimer when we blog, twitter, or talk to the media
• Avoid using University letterhead when expressing personal opinions in writing
• This applies to all employees, including students, staff, and faculty.
• The Office of General Counsel at the U provides legal advice if faculty have questions. Also, Maria O'Mara, Director of University Communications office can also answer questions about speaking to the press (

Academic Senate Update – Fall 2014 Update
Senators: Yongmei Ni (, Janiece Pompa ( & Leanne Hawken (
Career-line faculty updates
  • Administration is considering the establishment of uniform retention, promotion and evaluation guidelines for career-line faculty at the University. They will be sending all career-line faculty a survey regarding their views on this issue to complete and everyone is encouraged to do so.
  • Career-line faculty are now eligible to join the Faculty Club. (Well, some people might want to know this!)
ASUU updates – resources they provide include:
  • Free tutoring for writing and math along with other subjects in the Marriott Library:
  • Conference funding – they provide funding through reimbursement to help students attend conferences. The money is divided up by the student advisory committees in each department (both graduate and undergraduate) and students in that department can request up to $5000 for conference funding. For more information see
  • Student Advisory Committee (SAC) Funding. Each semester, each departmental SAC committee can request up to $75 in reimbursement at 100% of the cost for an open house event. The purpose of these events should be to engage students in the department.
  • ASUU Childcare. Affordable childcare for student families. Services include part-time care, non-traditional hours, and a tiered fee scale for all U of U student families. See:
State of Utah Sales Tax Reimbursement Rules

The administration is going to revise the rules for reimbursement. The U of U is exempt from Utah State sales tax on most purchases. Sales tax amounts will be deducted from requests for personal reimbursement of U of U business expenditures. This rule applies to expenditures made by faculty, staff, and students with the exception of business meals purchased at established restaurants involving 10 people or less. The plan is to roll out the policy in January but given Senate feedback, the roll out may be delayed.

University Transfer Student Committee
COE Representatives – Mary D. Burbank (, Dr. Larry Parker, Dr. Jason Taylor, Dr. Erin Castro

Research and Data — Best Practices nationally and related timelines for program completion

Career Line Task Force
Examination of Current Policies and Procedures for career-Line rights, responsibilities, evaluation and promotion. (

  • Career-line subcommittee of the Senate Faculty Review Standards Committee - A major focus of the current work is a review and discussion of the recently-revised University Policy 6-310, Reviews of Career-line, Adjunct, and Visiting Faculty Members, and Other Instructional Personnel (Standards and Procedures), which can be found at

Graduate Council
COE Representative - Susan Johnston (

  • Graduate Council meets monthly throughout the academic year to conduct program reviews and review proposals.
  • The Graduate Council is in the process of developing a Guidance Document for Centers/Institutes/Bureaus (CIB). This document will serve as a template for the review of Centers, Institutes, and Bureaus across Campus.

Undergraduate Council
COE Representative – Rob O'Neill (

  • There is now a formal General Ed Curriculum Council that will review classes for general education requirement eligibility.
  • There are plans for ongoing assessment of Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs) within general education classes. This is being piloted on a small scale.
  • The Council is going to recommend that departments can identify 1 or 2 "emphasis areas" within departmental majors if they choose to do so. These will be listed on student transcripts.
  • The U is starting a "prepare to finish" program (P2F) that will encourage students to take 15 credits per semester to finish in 4 years. More to come in the media campaign.

Proposed Council Meeting

Check back please!

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