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Elaine ClarkMessage from the Dean, Elaine Clark

Welcome to the College of Education (COE). I hope that you will take the time to review our website and learn more about the exciting work that is being done in our college. You will find that our mission and activities provide opportunities for students interested in a variety of careers, whether they be in research, teaching, administration, policy development, or clinical work. Our distinguished faculty and outstanding staff are committed to ensuring that our instruction is research-based and incorporates state-of-the-art technology. Leading-edge research is being conducted by our faculty and students to improve teaching and learning, and top-notch instruction and mentorship by faculty help train students to provide services to people who face challenges in their lives.

In addition, many of our COE programs, such as the teacher education program through the Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE), are nationally ranked and/or accredited by national organizations. There are also course offerings of high quality across all departments in the college, which include Education, Culture and Society; Educational Leadership and Policy; Educational Psychology; and Special Education. Depending on a student’s major, there are opportunities to meet degree requirements by taking classes in other university colleges (e.g., Fine Arts, Humanities, Science, and Social and Behavioral Science). These offerings, and the COE faculty’s extensive collaboration with researchers at colleges and universities in Utah and throughout the country, ensure that students will receive an exemplary education to prepare them for careers that will make a difference for children and families in their schools and communities.

The COE is only able to accomplish the program goals and activities of our researchers and training of our practitioners through strong support from partners across campus and the local community, as well as generous support from donors. We have a strong instructional technology and grant team; operate two clinics, the UU Reading Clinic and the Educational Assessment and Student Support Clinic; and house the Utah Education Policy Center. Efforts are also currently underway to develop a new research center which will improve our ability to engage in cutting-edge research, and will provide students and faculty with the space and facilities they need to work on projects, partnerships, and other activities that will provide gateways into the future of education.  

In our college, you will find a diverse and vibrant community of faculty, staff, and students who embrace our vision to:

  • Support equity and diversity across the college and in the community
  • Facilitate learning through cutting-edge research and practice in multiple and diverse contexts
  • Lead innovation in education through interdisciplinary research and collaboration
  • Promote a culture of theory- and data-informed inquiry, reflection, and action
  • Encourage community-engaged learning and scholarship.

I am honored to serve as the Dean of the College of Education. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to learn more about our programs and how you can contribute to the important work that we do.

~Elaine Clark, Professor and Dean



Last Updated: 9/13/19