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The College of Education is a significant contributor to ensuring that all children with varied backgrounds,
needs and abilities have access to a high-quality education, including one that provides
effective academic, social, emotional and mental health supports.



The college offers a variety of options for funding named scholarships through annual gifts, endowments and estate gifts. These named scholarships help encourage and inspire students and may offer significant tax benefits to the donor.


The College urgently needs those who understand the importance of advanced education at the master’s and PhD levels to consider support for graduate fellowships. Without such support, competition from the active job market makes it difficult to retain the best students for graduate study.

Faculty Support

An important method for attracting top faculty to the U is to be able to offer named chairs and professorships. Endowing such gifts may be accomplished through a variety of estate planning vehicles that provide lasting benefit to the college and significant tax benefits for the donor.

Unrestricted Gifts

Gifts toward the college development fund provide essential resources for discretionary investment in the most urgent needs. Such gifts fund ongoing programs for outreach, recruitment, academic advising and other essential student needs.

Capital Gifts

Named classrooms, study rooms, and conference rooms are still available as the college continues its remodeling and capital improvement efforts. A named space provides permanent recognition for the donor and inspiration to the students, faculty and staff.

Department Campaigns

Each of the College’s departments seeks support for various needs ranging from physical infrastructure improvement to student and research activities.

Last Updated: 8/27/19