General Information

University of Utah-International Gateway: Provides information about international activities, organizations, programs, and institutes at the University of Utah. For direct link, see:

University of Utah Study Abroad/Office of International Education: This office establishes and maintains International Exchange Agreements and Study Abroad Programs. It coordinates the International Exchange Committee and the International Requirement Committee, and serves as the interim International Visitor's Office. For direct link, see:

University of Utah-International Requirement (IR): Provides general and detailed information about international requirements, course and program approval, and the International Requirement Committee (IRC). For direct link, see:

University of Utah-International Education-New Study Abroad Programs: Information about study abroad programming policy, how to start a study abroad program, study abroad development guidelines, study abroad funding model, and the study abroad development grant. For direct link, see:

University of Utah-International Exchange Committee (IEC): Information about the IEC, it's responsibilities, committee members, and meeting schedule. For direct link, see:

U.S. Department of State: Information for international travel, passports, visas, law and policy, and protecting children and family. This site also includes travel information for students and travel alerts and warnings. For direct link, see:

Salt Lake County-Passport Office: Provides passport information, and how to apply for a passport at the Salt Lake County offices. For direct link, see:

Study Abroad Directory: Provides information on educational opportunities for students to study abroad. Resources include a comprehensive directory of study abroad programs, intensive language programs, health and safety recommendations, and scholarship/financial aid information. For direct link, see:

International Studies Abroad: This organization offers a variety of study abroad programs at accredited schools and universities. For direct link, see:

Virtual Tourist: Provides worldwide travel guides, photos, travel forums, trip planners, and travel deals. For direct link, see:

Directory of US Study Abroad Program Sites (Non-Profit): The Center for International Education's International Opportunities Program: For direct link, see:

Directory of US Study Abroad Program Sites (For Profit): The Center for International Studies-Degrees Abroad: Assists students in finding opportunities to study for a bachelor's, master's or Ph.D. degree in a foreign country. For direct link, see:

Culturgram: Information about worldwide history, culture and politics. For direct link, see:

MONETOS Information Portal: A resource for students and faculty planning trips, programs, or research abroad.  The information is referenced with the corresponding international agencies and then translated in to six different languages. For direct link, see: