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College of Education Scholarships

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Please read the Scholarship Handbook and Rules and Regulations before filling out the College of Education Scholarship Application.

Graduate School Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities:


Additional information, as well as a link to the electronic application system, can be found on the Graduate School’s website:


EXCELLENCE THROUGH DIVERSITY: This award supports recruitment of students from diverse backgrounds to the U. The priority deadline for the award is March 14. Click on the link above for more information.

EMERGING DIVERSITY SCHOLARS: Students from diverse backgrounds who are entering their second year can apply for the Emerging Diversity Scholars Fellowship. The priority deadline is again March 14.

College of Education

College of Education
1721 Campus Center Drive, SAEC 3202
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
Questions:  Contact Rose Simper at or 801-581-8221

Educational Leadership & Policy

Application Due Date: Contact the department

Contact: Marilynn Howard | 801-581-6714

Application Information

Roald F. and Della J. Campbell Fellowship

Milton Bennion Scholarship

Winifred H. Dyer Scholarship

Elmo R. and Frances Bennion Morgan Fellowship

George Bolon Advisory Committee Award 

Educational Psychology 

Application Due Date: Contact the department

Contact: JoLynn Yates | 801-581-7148

Application Information

C. Kay Allen Endowed Scholarship (Counseling Psychology & Professional Counseling)

Brian W. Campbell Memorial Scholarship Fund for Research (LGBT Research focus)

Thomas D. Dee III & Candace Cartwright Dee Endowed Teaching Assistantship Fund (School Psychology PhD.)

Grayson and Seth Jenson Memorial Scholarship (School Psychology)

Phyllis Allen Jex Memorial Scholarship Fund

Special Education

Application Due Date: Contact the department

Contact: Kaitlin Lindsey | 801-581-4764

Application Information

Harker-Ferguson Endowed Scholarship

Micheal Endowment

Molly Lawson Research Fellowship

Multi-University Consortium Teacher Preparation Program in Sensory Impairments Grant

Teacher Recruiting in Mild/Moderate Disabilities Licensure Project

Teacher Education Scholarships (Urban Institute for Teacher Education and Special Education)

Application Due Date: March 2, 2017

Contact: Kimberly Howard| 801-587-1746

Click here for a complete list of available scholarships

Terrel H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Program

Application Due Date: March 2, 2017

The Teaching Incentive Loan (TIL) is funded by the Utah State Legislature. TIL recipients are required to pursue an educator preparation program, obtain educator licensing, and then teach in Utah public schools for a period equal to the time they received assistance. The TIL consists of a waiver (of tuition and fees up to a specific amount at the Utah public institutions and $995.00 per semester at private institutions) to be used for a period not exceeding 8 semesters. The program is jointly administered by the State Board of Education and the State Board of Regents.

Current University of Utah Students with a minimum of 24 college credits

USOE Policy and Procedures

 Teaching Field Index of Criticality for Utah

TEACH Grant Program

The TEACH "Grant" program provides up to $4,000 a year in "grant" aid to undergraduate (first bachelor's degree) and graduate students. Eligible undergraduate and graduate students may receive no more than $16,000 and graduate students may receive no more than $8,000 total in TEACH "Grants." Unfortunately, the law does not currently allow grants for University of Utah students working on post-baccalaureate certificate programs. Elementary Education students are not eligible.

In exchange for TEACH "Grant" aid, students must agree to serve as a full-time teacher at specified schools serving low-income students and teach in a specified field for four academic years, within eight years after completing the college course. TEACH "Grant" recipients that do not fulfill their teaching obligations must repay the "Grant" as if it was an unsubsidized Direct Loan with interest having accrued since disbursement. For more information, please click on TEACH.

If you are interested in the TEACH Grant Program please contact an education advisor.

Elementary Education | Not Eligible

Secondary Education | Sara Hatch | 801-581-6818

Special Education | Kaitlin Lindsey | 801-581-4764

University of Utah Information

Tuition and Fees

Financial Aid and Scholarships

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Tuition Exemption for Teachers (for public school educators) House Bill 211

Tuition Benefit Program

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