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Scholarship Application Tutorial


Tips for Scholarship Thank You Letters:


  • After you accept your award in Academic Works, there is a Post-Acceptance task list that will allow you to upload a thank you letter electronically
  • Keep your letter to a few paragraphs. Include your name and UNID in place of a signature. Please see the example letter below.
  • Address the letter Dear [Name of Scholarship] Donor
  • Make sure your letter is free of spelling and grammatical errors! Have someone review your letter before submitting.
  • If you received multiple donor-funded scholarships, please submit a letter for each scholarship.
  • Handwritten notes or typed letters are acceptable, please use stationary for these. For handwritten or typed notes:
    • please write legibly, keeping the letter to a few paragraphs
    • Please keep your note to a few paragraphs.
    • You may want to make a draft before writing the final copy.
    • Please put your university ID number (UNID) under your signature. For an example, please see the letter below.
    • Put the letter in the envelope. If not mailing, please label the envelope with [Name of Scholarship] Thank You Note.
    • Letter can be mailed or dropped off at the Dean’s Office of the College of Education at the University of Utah. Please submit the letter by the due date stated in your award letter. If dropping off in person, bring it to the Dean’s Office (Room 3202 SAEC) during regular office hours. If mailing, please send note to:
    • [Name of Scholarship]Thank You Note
      College of Education
      University of Utah
      1721 Campus Center Drive, SAEC 3202 
      Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Example of a Thank You Letter:

 Please modify this example letter to your preference. Do not copy and paste this example letter, it is only intended as a guideline.

[Name of Scholarship] Donor
College of Education
University of Utah
1721 Campus Center Drive, SAEC 3202  
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Dear [Name of Scholarship] Donor,

State the purpose of your letter.
As a recipient of the [Scholarship Year i.e. 20__ - 20__] [Name of Scholarship], I wanted to thank you for funding this scholarship.

Share something about yourself, your goals, and indicate why the scholarship is important.
I will be a junior majoring in education here at the University of Utah this fall and I am on track to graduate spring 20__. My goal is to become a teacher for a Title I school in the Salt Lake City area. Currently, I am working as a para-educator in the Granite School District 30 hours per week to help fund my education.  I also volunteer at the Utah Food Bank ten hours per month.  Thanks to this scholarship, I will be able to reduce my work schedule and focus more on my studies.

Conclude by thanking the donor again.
Thank you again for your investment in the College of Education at the University of Utah and students like me. I hope to give back to the University someday and help a student reach their educational goals with a scholarship. 

[Add your signature]
Your Name


Last Updated: 3/15/21