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Responsibilities of UACTE College Representatives

College of Fine Arts, College of Health, College of Humanities,
College of Social and Behavioral Science, College of Science,
College of Mines and Earth Science, College of Education
    • Serve as a liaison between the Assistant Dean for Teacher Education in the College of Education and members’ respective colleges on all matters pertaining to teacher education.
    • Facilitate communication with faculty and academic advisors offering teacher education majors and/or minors. This work should be coordinated with the College of Education licensure program advisor(s).
    • Represent each college on the University Advisory Council on Teacher Education (UACTE).
    • Work closely with the Assistant Dean for Teacher Education to coordinate accreditation reviews for teacher education majors and/or minors in each college and prepare for site visits.
    • Coordinate other professional development or in-service offerings for teachers in conjunction with the Assistant Dean for Teacher Education and the office of Academic Outreach and Continuing Education.

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Last Updated: 3/15/21