• Free Community College? Study the Details

    Jason L.Taylor, assistant professor in ELP, presents information and insights on the tradeoffs associated with President Obama's proposal for providing free Community College to eligible students.

  • New Publication by Dr. Dolores Calderon

    Uncovering Settler Grammars in Curriculum. This piece represents a timely entry into the discussion around social studies curriculum, its role in U.S. society, and how it is oftentimes used to promote particular types of ideological projects.

  • University Research Faculty Fellow Award for 2015

    Zac Imel, Associate Professor in Educational Psychology, received University Research Faculty Fellow Award for 2015-16

Meet the College of Education New 2014 Faculty

Uma Dorn Aaron Fischer Lucila Ek Jason Taylor Colli Lucas Eric Poitras
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College of Education


Educational Leadership and Policy K12 degrees:

 *Teacher Instructional Leadership M.Ed.
*K12 School Administration M.Ed. Program
*Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy WITH Administrative Licensure

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
4:15–5:00 PM
Granite School District
2500 S. State Street Room 202 (Tall Bldg)

Saturday, January 24, 2015
10:00–11:00 AM
University of Utah
Sorenson Arts & Education Complex, Room 2220
Second Floor NW Corner

For additional information and dates, please contact the ELP office at 801-581-6714 or click here.

University of Utah

connecting to you - Alumni, Emeriti, and Friends

Betsy Siddoway VanDenBerghe

Betsy Siddoway VanDenBerghe

Betsy VanDenBerghe became a member of the College of Education's Advancement Board in 2012. Her interest in education began of necessity when her Master's degree scholarship entailed an English composition teaching position with little pedagogical training and two years of autodidactic attempts to help flailing student writers improve.

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