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Associate Dean Burbank Publishes Book with a Local Bent

Mary D. Burbank’s new co-authored book, Meeting the Learning Needs of All Children: A Model for Montessori Practitioners and Stakeholders Committed to Inclusive Education, examines the relationship between special education and Montessori principles within the context of private and public schools in Salt Lake City. 

Burbank, Goldsmith, Blue, Fuhriman, and Williamsen offer a pathway for education communities where Montessori education serves as a platform for building inclusive classrooms.  Their thoughtful text offers insights for educators, support professionals, and those devoted to children with disabilities where practitioners share their experiences of transdisciplinary teaming. These narratives reveal the profound effect of inclusive education on the lives of students, families, educators, and their communities. 

Professor Burbank recently shared her book at the Utah Association of Montessori Education.  

About the authors: Professor Mary D. Burbank is a long-serving career line faculty member in the College of Education at the University of Utah where she is the Director of the Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE) and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Accreditation, Engagement and Professional Development. 

Dr. Melissa M. Goldsmith is a Senior Research Associate for accreditation and evaluation in the UITE. Dr. Cheri Blue, a graduate of the Department of Special Education, is an assistive technology specialist in the Jordan School District. Dr. Mandy Fuhriman, a graduate of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, is the Director of Inclusion at Elizabeth Academy, and Gail S. Williamsen is the founder of Elizabeth Academy and a life-long advocate for inclusive education through commitments to creating places of belonging for people with disabilities. 

Funding through the Sorenson Legacy Foundation has informed many of the efforts highlighted in this book, and beyond. Support has provided research assistantships for multiple College of Education doctoral students, the development of transdisciplinary education experiences for undergraduates from across campus, teacher and paraprofessional education experiences, collaborations with the Salt Lake City School District as part of a kindergarten readiness program, and Montessori education at Rose Park Elementary in the Salt Lake City School District.

Last Updated: 2/16/24