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Undergraduate Degrees & Programs

Department of Educational Psychology (EdPsych)

BS/BA in Educational Psychology 

Sara HatchAcademic Advisor: Chloe Mitchell | 801-581-7148


Julia HoodProgram Director: Julia Hood | 801-581-6074



Department of Special Education

Kaitlin LindseyAdvisor: Kaitlin Lindsey | 801-581-4764
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Bachelor of Science Program Descriptions

Program Requirements: 
Mild/Moderate Disabilities | Severe Disabilities | Early Childhood Special Education | Visual Impairments |Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE)

Elementary and Secondary Education

Sara HatchAdvisor: Sara Hatch Southwick | 801-581-6818
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Honors Program Elementary Education

Mary BurbankAdvisor: Mary Burbank, 801-581-6074

Program Descriptions:
Elementary Teacher Licensure | Secondary Teacher Licensure | Honors Program - Elementary Education


Last Updated: 5/4/23