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Lerue W. Winget

Lerue W. Winget

Dr. Lerue W. Winget is a retired Associate Superintendent of Public Instruction with Emeritus Status, having served in the public school system of the State of Utah for 37 years. Twenty-seven of those years were in the employment of the State Board of Education, as Director of Secondary Education for 4 years and then Associate Superintendent for 23 years.

Agi M. Plenk

Agi M.Plenk

Agi established The Children's Center in 1963 when she saw a growing need for a specialized preschool for children struggling with emotional issues, utilizing the group therapy and play techniques she had developed over the years. As the Executive Director, Agi served for the next 23 years, conducting annual fundraising efforts and overseeing the expansion to additional locations throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

Last Updated: 3/15/21