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Educational Leadership
& Policy

The mission of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy is to prepare ethical researchers, leaders and policy makers in PK–12 through higher education who are informed by comprehensive and empirically-based theory and research, as well as committed to leading educational organizations that enact principles of justice, equity, and excellence for all learners.


Educational Psychology

The basic mission of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Utah is service grounded in research and disseminated through teaching. The inquiry function of the department is the generation of knowledge through research. The creation of a research knowledge base and the training of students are designed to serve the educational needs of the university, community, and state. The students trained by the Department of Educational Psychology will be the leadership professionals of tomorrow. 


Special Education

The mission of the Department of Special Education is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families by developing and disseminating essential skills, knowledge, and values through research, teaching, and service.We believe society is enriched by the inclusion and participation of diverse people, including those with disabilities, as full members of the community. 


Education, Culture & Society

 The Department of Education, Culture, and Society is one of the top social foundation programs in the country. It is committed to the study and pursuit of social justice in education using cutting-edge frameworks that address class, race, ethnicity, and gender in educational policy and practice. ECS offers Ph.D. and M.ED. program specialties in curriculum theory, anthropology, sociology, history, and the philosophy of education. The coursework is designed to help students construct a better understanding of patterns in educational inequality, while countering these inequities by creating an environment where working class students and students of color have, create, and promote equal educational opportunities.

Urban Institute for Teacher Education

The mission of the UITE is to prepare educators to serve urban students and educational communities in all their rich diversity. We conceive of educational diversity as the dynamic engagement of a range of cultural and urban traditions, including individual differences in ability. In preparing teachers and leaders to work within and across differences, we collaborate with community-based initiatives, seek out community partners, and continually work to discover fresh and innovative ways to approach both curriculum and pedagogy. Our goal is an educational process in which teachers, leaders, and teacher educators draw upon multidisciplinary research and direct urban inquiry to serve all students well. We welcome prospective teachers to this vital, sometimes daunting but always exhilarating, challenge.

Last Updated: 7/12/23