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We are Community Connected

Teaching 4 Impact. Teaching 4 Change.

Research-2-Action. Action-2-Impact.

Our work exists outside of the classroom in real-world spaces diverse as the students, teachers, and people we serve. Faculty and students in the College of Education work with numerous community partners on projects ranging from teacher preparation to supporting multilingual learners to creating mental health supports both inside and outside the classroom. We don't just envision a better future, we're actively creating a tomorrow in which everyone has access to a quality education, where mental health and well-being are as essential as physical health, and where education and technology merge to advance learning in youth and professionals alike.


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Teaching & Research

We co-evolve with our community partners.

We help solve the challenges our community partners are facing today, tomorrow, and in the future. In turn, our partnerships ground our teaching practices and research in the real-world opportunities, challenges, and needs of our community partners. 

We have numerous community partners, providing our faculty and students with the opportunity to apply best practices informed by research in real-world settings, whether that be classrooms or community initiatives that address the goals and aspirations of a community. Our work is more than a civic duty: It’s a passion. 

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Mutual Impact

From Innovation to Implementation to Impact.

Our community-engaged teaching and research have direct, immediate, and observable impacts. 

Working with our community partners, we innovate new models, approaches, tools, and technologies to solve local and national problems in a range of fields from education to mental health to substance abuse prevention to science and engineering. The outcomes of our work are reciprocal and mutually beneficial. Our faculty and students are connected to the issues facing communities, giving our work meaning and keeping our practices rooted in practical application. 

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Shaping the Future through Knowledge 

Let us pick up our books and pencils. They are our most powerful weapon. 

—Malala Yousafzai 

The future is something we create together. Pick up your books and pencils and help the College of Education create a better future. 

We believe in the potential of our communities. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with partners to conquer challenges inside and outside the classroom. Our teaching and research experiences offer students the chance to collaborate with community partners. These experiences train our graduates to be the advocates, planners, and champions of a better future their entire career.  

Areas of Involvement

Develop and Transfer New Knowledge

Applying practice and research to benefit the students of Utah and the greater community

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Engage communities to improve health and quality of life

Outreach, engagement and access

Learn more  about our engagement in the community

Promote Student Success to Transform Lives

Committing to providing financial assistance, personalized support, and engaged learning experiences

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Ensure Long-Term Viability of the University

Sustainability, global reach and institutional stability

Learn more about our focus on sustainability and stability


Last Updated: 9/11/23