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What Lasting Impacts Will COVID-19 Have On Education?

Aaron Fischer

Aaron Fischer, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Psychology recently had the chance to weigh in on how COVID-19 will reshape education in an interview panel with University of Utah Magazine.

No doubt that the pandemic has reshaped all of our lives, both in the short and long term. Many are left wondering what the future holds for our teachers, students, and classrooms. When University of Utah magazine had that question, they reached out to one of the College of Education’s faculty members in the Department of Educational Psychology, Aaron Fischer.

Aaron is hopeful that the unfortunate circumstances of the pandemic have finally broken down the stigma of online education as ineffective by giving teachers, students, and even parents the chance to see how effective online learning can be. Aaron says, “Like any teaching, even in-person teaching, the instructor’s pedagogy is critical to the course being effective—how they teach, particularly their discourse and engagement strategies, set the tone and influence learning outcomes.” With a commitment to creative approaches in instruction and learner engagement, online learning can offer the same outcomes as the traditional classroom.

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Last Updated: 9/17/21