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Get REAL! Responsive Education for All Learners

Mary D. Burbank receives Sorenson Legacy Award

Mary B

Assistant Dean and UITE Director, Mary D. Burbank receives Sorenson Legacy award to examine teacher education's role in preparing future teachers who value and enact teaching practices with linkages across the curriculum including but not limited to: fine arts, mathematics, and science with ties to technology and engineering. While curriculum integration is essential for all learners, the unique needs of children with disabilities and those learning English require specialized curricula and experiential learning that meet the vibrant characteristics of these students.

Get REAL! provides beginning teachers with classroom-based training using curricula and technology-informed simulations and modules with multimedia explorations for all students in Pre-K-6 classrooms. A partnership with the Elizabeth Academy will provide preservice and inservice teachers with dedicated professional learning experiences.

Last Updated: 3/15/21