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Wanda Pillow receives a Faculty Fellow Award

Wanda Pillow

As a Faculty Fellow Award recipient, Dr. Pillow will be working on a book, Troubling Intimacies:  Sacajawea & York as National Subjects. This project traces how historical and present day constructions of Sacajawea and York, of the 1804 Corps of Discovery expedition, influence discussions of identity and citizenship.  Taking up different texts—including primary documents; public school history curriculum; Exposition and Interpretive Center images; film and other media—across four key times periods in U.S. history, Troubling Intimacies reinterprets the complex processes of racialization, gender, sexualization and constructions of national identity through citizenship.  This work will be of interest to Educators and scholars in Cultural, Gender, Race and Policy studies.  

Last Updated: 3/15/21