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West High School Reading Intervention Grant

Our joint proposal with educators at West High School to the Utah’s Partner in Education:  Robert and Verda Mae Christensen Fund has been awarded $105,000 for professional development and direct service during school year 2019–20.  The focus will be reading intervention during the school day for students who struggle academically—especially English learners.  We will embed intervention specialists in the building to ensure that professional development and services are seamless. 

Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Project Site in Utah 

We were invited to join an IES project awarded to PI Stephanie Al-Otaiba at Southern Methodist University.  The focus is to gain a broad picture of RTI implementation across the US and to learn which factors are associated with stronger reading outcomes for students with reading disabilities in Tier 3 or special education.  We will receive grant funds to conduct observations of students in grades 1–5 Utah classrooms and to contribute to instructional protocol development.


Last Updated: 3/15/21