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Ardeth Kapp

Alumna, B.S. Elementary Education

Ardeth Kapp

Author and lecturer, Ardeth served as the president of the  LDS Church’s Young Women organization (1984–92). She served with her  husband Heber B. Kapp as he presided over the Canada Vancouver Mission. She was  an institute teacher at the institute adjacent to the University of Utah. She  and her husband also served as president and matron of the Cardston Alberta  Temple.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah  and a masters in curriculum development from Brigham Young University. At BYU  she was an instructor in the College of Education. Working with the Utah Education Network at the University of Utah, she wrote and produced two series of programs for the elementary schools in the state, Let's Take and Trip and  Cultural Kaleidoscope.

Ardeth serves on several boards, including the  editorial board of Deseret Book, Southern Virginia University, and Utah Youth  Village. She and her husband are from Bountiful Utah and served as gospel doctrine teachers in their ward.


Last Updated: 3/15/21