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Clifford J. Drew

Professor Emeritus University of Utah

Clif Drew

Clifford J. Drew began his career at the University of Utah as a Professor in the Departments of Special Education and Educational Psychology within the College of Education. Dr. Drew came to the University of Utah after serving on the faculties of the University of Texas at Austin and Kent State University. His professional interests were focused on research methods in education and psychology, mental retardation, human development and disabilities, graduate and professional training, applications of computer technology in instruction, and research methodology

Dr. Drew served in many administrative position within the College of Education and the University of Utah more generally. He was Associate Dean for Information Technologies in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Utah and Associate Vice President for Instructional Technology at the University of Utah, positions in which he oversaw major expansion of information technology and distance education resources at the University, as well as at the statewide Utah Education Network based at the U.

Dr. Drew published on many topics in special education and related areas, having made over 120 contributions to the professional literature on subjects including mental retardation, research design, statistics, diagnostic assessment, cognition, evaluation related to the law, and instructional technology. His most recent books include Intellectual Disabilities Across the Lifespan (2007, 9th ed., Pearson, Merrill Prentice-Hall), Human Exceptionality, School, Community, and Family (2014, 11th ed. Wadsworth Cengage Learning) and Adolescent Online Social Communication and Behavior: Relationship Formation on the Internet (2010, IGI Global). Dr. Drew is quick to point out that few of his publications were solely authored, and that he feels fortunate to have worked with many very able faculty and students over the years.

Dr. Drew served on the Board of Directors of the Far West Laboratory for Research and Development in Education, chaired the national Ethics Committee of the American Association on Mental Retardation, and was a Fellow of that organization. He enjoys retirement with his wife, Linda James, in Kamas, Utah.


Last Updated: 3/15/21