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Mt. Ogden Junior High UURC In-School Reading Clinic

The University of Reading Clinic (UURC) operates an in-school clinic for struggling readers at Mt. Ogden Junior High in Ogden City School District. In its second year (including summers), the UURC provides assessment and intervention on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the school day. These reading interventions are led by specialists and occur in small groups built into students' schedules.

And the results are impressive. Students make more than a year's growth in an average of just 45 sessions! Teachers are thrilled because Mt. Ogden students are better able to understand class texts and the UURC small groups reduce class size. The UURC operates a similar project at Highland Junior High, which is in the same district as Mt. Ogden.

Learn more about the UURC and their incredible work. If you are a teacher or parent with a struggling reader, reach out to the UURC and see how they can help. 

Thanks to our community partner, Mt. Ogden. Visit our partner at:

Dr. Kelly C. Patrick, UURC Director takes coaching notes in the background for Brittany Myers, a UURC tutor at Mt. Ogden Junior High in Ogden.  Ms. Meyers is part of a UURC reading intervention clinical practicum and provides reading assistance to small groups of students twice weekly. 

UURC at Mt. Ogden

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Last Updated: 12/12/23