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Strategic Goal: Ensure Long-Term Viability of the University 

Sustainability, global reach and institutional stability

Student Recruitment

Student RecruitmentOur outreach and recruitment team coordinate multiple on-campus and community initiatives to increase the number of education students from all backgrounds, especially groups entering our teacher licensure programs. During these visits and events, our team provides K-12, transfer, and undergraduate students with information on how to prepare and complete one of our teacher licensure programs in order to become a licensed teacher in the state of Utah. Our efforts include: College of Education visits and presentations; Campus class presentations, fairs, and events.

Career and College Awareness

Career AwarenessWe strive to increase awareness and information about our teaching career majors and programs at the College of Education by visiting K-12 classrooms throughout the Salt Lake Region. 

Sustainability in Education

Sustainability in EducationInspiring the Next Generation of Teachers to Incorporate Environmental Sustainability in Their Curriculum: a proposed project for a three-year environmental engineering, education and research, training activity. It is a collaborative education partnership involving 12 middle school science teachers and 384 students per year from four school districts in Utah (Salt Lake, Granite, Park City, and San Juan – three teachers from each school district), including faculty from the University of Utah College of Engineering, College of Education, and the College of Science.  This project is designed to bring the knowledge of engineering and science, including technological innovation into secondary school classrooms.

Contributions to the Discourse

Diversity LeadershipThe students of Dr. Larry Parker's 2015 Leadership for Social Justice class had the opportunity to put theory into practice: they developed a diversity action plan for the University of Utah.
Read more about the Diversity Action Plan Proposal >>


Education in the Age of BiocapitalismBiocapitalism, an economic model built on finding and creating new commodities from existing forms of life, has fundamentally changed how we understand the boundaries between nature/culture and human/nonhuman. Education in the Age of Biocapitalism, by Dr. Clayton Pierce, is the first book to not only chart how education should respond to the historic challenges of living in a biocapitalist society, but also examines how human capital understandings of education are co-evolving with biocapitalism.


Last Updated: 6/18/24