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Telepresence robotics

Profile: Dr. Aaron J. Fischer

Consultation through Telepresence Robots

Dr. Aaron J. Fischer, PhD, BCBA-D is evaluating the effectiveness of using telepresence robots in rural southwest Utah schools.  Pediatric psychologists are few and far between -- Dr. Fischer is exploring the use of iPad-based robots to provide face-to-face counseling to students in remote towns and to provide rural faculty with consulations to handle the day-to-day behavioral needs of the student.  Telepresence may prove to be an effective and efficient means of providing student support where local staffing of trained professionals would be impractical.


Abstract:  An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation through Telepresence Robots

This grant provided funding to purchase a Double mobile telepresence robot, which is used to provide teleconsultation to teachers and parents in rural schools across southwest Utah. Supports focus on evidence-based behavioral assessment and treatment strategies for children with autism spectrum disorder, social-emotional problems, and behavior problems.

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Researchers in Utah are experimenting with robots to solve a pressing problem: There aren't enough pediatric psychologists to go around.

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Last Updated: 9/17/21