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PRAXIS Testing

The PRAXIS test series is a set of validated assessments that provides information for use by state education agencies in making licensing decisions. PRAXIS exams are required in Utah, and in most other states, for teacher licensure. Each state selects its own tests within the PRAXIS series and sets its own minimum score requirements for specific licensure endorsements. An updated list of the tests for which Utah has set a minimum score is provided on the ETS website.

Many Colleges and Universities, including the University of Utah's College of Education, require PRAXIS tests for their teacher licensure programs. Additionally, teacher candidates at the University of Utah are required to take and pass PRAXIS II content knowledge tests in order to be recommended to the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) for a Professional Teaching License.

As a student, it is your responsibility to TAKE THE APPROPRIATE TEST AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME. The required PRAXIS test(s) will vary based on the license(s) and/or endorsements being sought. Furthermore, the timeline for taking the PRAXIS Core and/or PRAXIS II test(s) will vary based on the department in which the student is admitted. For additional information regarding test requirements and timelines for taking the test, students should refer to their home department of Special Education or the Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE).

Registration is required 30 days prior to the test date and is available on-line at Scores are uploaded to your ETS account approximately four to six weeks after taking the test. Upon receipt of the test results, students must submit a full 3-page copy of their official scores to their home department. Students are encouraged to REGISTER EARLY for the best chances of testing at your first or second choice test site and/or for ETS-granted financial aid for the test and registration fees. For additional information regarding test dates, locations, and fees please see the ETS website.

Students should confirm, with their home department, which test(s) are required BEFORE THE STUDENT REGISTERS FOR THE TEST(S). Planning ahead is extremely important, as there is a lag time of approximately three months between registering for the test and receiving scores. Failure to meet PRAXIS II testing requirements may delay a student's graduation and successful completion of the student's program.

PRAXIS II preparation materials for some of the tests may be available in departmental offices. In addition, ETS provides "Tests At A Glance" information.

Furthermore, detailed study guides for some of the tests may also be purchased from ETS.

For test-takers with disabilities or English as a Second Language (ESL), the Praxis series program provides services and reasonable accommodations appropriate to the test. Non-standard testing accommodations are available for those who meet ETS requirements. Individuals requesting accommodations must send documentation of disability or ESL six weeks prior to registering for the exam. Please allow ample time for this process. ETS will determine if your documentation is sufficient to grant you an accommodation. This is not a University decision.

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Last Updated: 1/18/22