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Council Members

Abigail TaylorAbigail Taylor

Position: Chair
Year: Senior 
Program: English Education
About: Abigail is a Senior studying English Education with hopes of teaching middle school. She believes education is the key to understanding and acceptance within all communities. She believes understanding a student's development and where they come from will influence their path more than anything else and works to nurture that in students. 
Abigail is a first-generation student. She also has a disability called Auditory Processing Disorder, which has never stopped her from accomplishing her goals. She believes representation matters and is proud to serve as your ASUU Senator.

Taylor Johnson, white male, smiling and flashing U sign with his hands in front of a red block UTaylor Johnson

Position: Graduate Vice Chair

Year: Graduate student

Program: M.Ed Student Affairs program

About: Taylor is a new member of the College of Education Student Council and is attending The University of Utah as a graduate student in the M.Ed Student Affairs program. He currently works as a graduate assistant with the U’s Learning Center, where he helps to oversee learning consultations, skills presentations, and the tutoring program. Taylor also serves as the Vice Chair of Student Services on the Associated Students of the University of Utah’s Student Resources Board.


Before coming to the U, Taylor studied at Utah Valley University, where he graduated from their Honors Program in May 2021 with a B.S. in Psychology, in addition to receiving distinctions for graduating Summa Cum Laude and from UVU's Global/Intercultural Program. He also worked as the Presidential Intern for the VP of Academic Affairs at UVU and as an Assistant Coordinator for UVU’s Supplemental Instruction Program.

Karina FloresKarina Flores Murga

Name: Karina Flores Murga
Position: Undergraduate Vice-Chair
Year: 3rd Year Undergraduate
Program: Spanish Teaching & Secondary Education
About: I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Utah with my major being Spanish Teaching. Specifically, I want to teach students in secondary education schools. I believe that educators play an important role for students at that age by fostering their developmental growth, both intellectually and socially. I believe that my intersectionality – being a woman, Latina, and a first-generation student –  has made me familiar with many of the obstacles students can encounter in their academic journey and has sparked an interest in me to support others in persevering through those challenges, with advocacy and becoming an educator as my way of achieving that. I aim to take my knowledge, skills and passion for the field of education into helping the Student Council promote inclusion and equity in the College of Education while we address students’ needs.

Paige Dubrow

Position: Member

Year: 4rd Year Ph.D.

Program: School Psychology

About: I am a current fourth-year School Psychology doctoral candidate. I am passionate about education, advocacy, and community building. Currently, I am completing a full-time doctoral internship in Jordan School District. Additionally, I Co-chair the Student Advisory Committee for the Educational Psychology department. My research interests are focused primarily on supporting young adults with autism in career exploration and job attainment. I love the outdoors and you can be sure to find me hiking, biking, climbing, or skiing on the weekends depending on the time of year. I am the former CoE Student Council Graduate Vice-Chair and am excited to continue to be a member of this amazing team! 

Adrian AdamsAdrian Adams (they/he)

Position: Member

Year: 4nd Year Ph.D.

Program: Learning and Cognition | Educational Psychology

About: I’m a Ph.D. student in the Learning and Cognition program. My research focuses on how undergraduate students engage in scientific practices in lab and field courses. I explore questions like how do students work with messy data and how do geology students learn how to make scientific observations? When I’m not on campus, I enjoy hiking, gardening, and singing with a community choir.

Myah Serenity SmithMyah Serenity Smith

Position: Member 

Year:  2nd Year Undergraduate 

Program: Elementary Education  

About: My goals as an aspiring educator are to research trauma-informed teaching. I am interested in learning the ways in which I and other educators can build more trusting relationships with students and their communities by becoming trauma informed ; looking beyond behavior, building relationships, creating a safe environment, meeting students where they are at and being predictable. I am passionate about creating a safe space in the classroom for all students and helping to close gaps of inequity. 

Dr. Julia Hood, a white femal.

Dr. Julia Ann Kelly Hood (she/her)

Position: Assistant Professor and Faculty Liaison with Student Council 

About: Dr. Julia Ann Kelly Hood is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and acts as a liaison between College of Education leadership, faculty, and staff, and the Student Council. She provides guidance and feedback on Student Council goals and initiatives and supports Student Council activities. 



Last Updated: 9/15/23