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Educational Leadership and Policy contribution to Peabody Journal of Education

Congratulations to Professor Enrique Alemán, Andrea Rorrer, Laurence Parker, and ELP doctoral candidate, Tim Salazar. They are the editors of a special Issue in the Peabody Journal of Education and authors of the lead article, “Introduction to Postracialism in U.S. Public School and Higher Education Settings: The Politics of Education in the Age of Obama. Click here to view the authors' lead article for this special issue.

The full citation for the article is:
Alemán, E., Jr., Salazar, T.,Rorrer, A., & Parker, L. (2011). Introduction to postracialism in U.S. public school and higher education settings: The politics of education in the age of Obama. Peabody Journal of Education, 86(5), 479-487.

Education, Culture & Society’s Family School Partnership Program

Founded in 2007, the Family School Partnership (FSP) is an interdisciplinary project focused on enhancing the involvement of linguistically and culturally diverse students and families in the Salt Lake School District. The District serves approximately 24,000 students, many of whom come from all over the world. Students speak over 80 languages, and just over 33% of them are learning English as a second language. Ethnic minorities make up 53% of students, and the district serves a significant refugee population from Eastern European or African countries. FSP helps such populations, who are often disregarded as non-college bound, by fostering a welcoming school environment that validates, encourages, and empowers them to get involved in school in meaningful ways, be successful academically and socially, and especially to access equitable resources to pursue higher education. College faculty and students, as well as school district administrators and teachers, benefit in turn through opportunities for service learning, community-based research, and teacher professional development.  

Last Updated: 7/12/23