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Development Report and
Donor Recognition

The faculty, staff and students of the College wish to thank the many generous donors who have provided gifts over the course of the past year.  We are grateful to have such loyal alumni and friends who are willing to support our academic, research, and community-engaged efforts.
College Benefactor $1M and above
  Beverley T. Sorenson & The Sorenson Legacy Foundation
Dean's Circle $100,000 - $999,999
  Robert W. Sevy (Deceased)
  Charles H. Johnson (Deceased)
  KwangMyung Electric Co., Ltd.
College Partners $25,000 - $99,999
  Candace C. and Thomas D. Dee
  The Crawford Family Foundation
  Scientific Assessment Technologies Inc.
  David C. and Marga M. Raskin
  Catherine R. and Peter D. Meldrum & The Meldrum Foundation
  Annabella Jenkins Foundation
  Cecelia H. Foxley
  Foothold Foundation
College Associates $10,000 - $24,999
  Michael A. and Doris W. Lawson & Arizona Community Foundation
  Mark L. and Connie L. Woodland
  Family of C. Kay Allen
(Paul Allen, Roger K. Allen, Connie Anderson, Rolayne Sellers)
  Jill A. Nutting and James F. Harris Jr.
  Kurt L. Nutting and Stephanie Kay
  Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
  Marilyn P. and Tom Spiegel
Ambassadors $2,500 - $9,999
  Valley Mental Health
  Herbert I. & Elsa B. Michael Foundation
  Safe Harbor Crisis Center
  Brian W. and Suzanne S. Nutting
  Rex D. Nutting and Sarah Woodhead
  Janice N. and Robert B. Wiggins
  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation
  Heidi H. and Jeffrey Jacobs
  Curriculum Designers, Inc.
  Bruce W. Bastian & The Bruce W. Bastian Foundation
  The Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation
  Kenneth O. Melby & the Kenneth O. Melby Family Foundation
  M. Lynn Bennion Foundation
  Henry W. and Leslie M. Eskuche Foundation
  Steven N. Winitzky
  Ruth H. Lundgren
  New Jersey Education Association
  NEA's Member Benefits Corporation
  Michael L. Hardman and Monica Ferguson
  Rob Hunsaker
Honor Roll $1,000 - $2,499
  Thelma P. and Gilbert H. Iker
  E. Ileene Worsley
  AEA Foundation for Teaching & Learning
  Mary D. and Matthew J. Burbank
  Clifford J. Drew and Linda P. James
  Dorothy R. and George H. Bradley
  Robert D. Archibald and Mary E. Navas
  American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO
  Pennsylvania State Education Association
  Ohio Education Association
  Daniel H. Kim and Diane Cory
  NEA - Alaska
  Elizabeth B. Moje
  Ellen R. Wade
Supporters $500 - $999
  Jean M. and William C. Graustein
  Elaine Clark
  Nancy S. Fagley and Paul M. Miller
  Target Stores
  Christina Murray Kohlburn and William A. Kohlburn
  Shirley A. Tamoria
  Mindy L. Jones
  Mary J. and Mike Pusey
  California Teachers Association
  Margaret P. Lacy
  Dixie S. and Robert P. Huefner
  Marc R. Sternberger
  Diane F. and George Carpluk
  Paula and William A. Smith
  Wyoming Education Association
  John C. and Rebecca Kircher
  Washington Education Association
  Diane Bettis Rev. Intervivos Trust
  Kentucky Education Association
  Oregon Education Association
  Council for Investments in Education
  Delaware State Education Association
  B. Eugene Wasescha
  Steven R. and Susan W. Wade
  John I. Wilson
  Carolyn C. and David L. Gorham
  Vermont - NEA, Inc
  Iowa State Education Association
  Texas State Teachers Association
  Richard E. and Joan Kendell
  Audrey A. Thompson and Craig D. Van Laningham
  Marilyn L. and Raymond A. Phillips
  Thomas R. Bailey
  Massachusetts Teachers Association
  Betsy L. and Peter T. Frame
  Dianne Bettis (Deceased)
  California Faculty Association
  Susan P. and Donald A. Lewon
  Novus International, Inc.
  John C. Wade and Susan Lore
  West Virginia Education Association
  New York State United Teachers
  Connecticut Education Association
  Federal Education Associaton
  Patrick J. Garcia
  Missouri National Education Association
Friends $100 - $499
  Barbara A. and Justin A. Kreek
  Susan L. and Gregg Morrow
  Kathleen C. and Christopher P. Hill
  Thomas P. and Beverly Lacey
  Education Minnesota
  Douglas L. and Louette Trotter
  Robert S. and Maysel E. Hart
  Daaiyah Bial-Threats
  Guttorm J. and Claudia S. Landro
  Aubri C. and Matthew L. Moench
  Carol E. Gordon
  Robert M. Hardman
  Cosette B. and Matthew Joesten
  Roland and Lois H. Worthington
  MKS Holdings LLC
  William C. and Marjorie Stringham
  San Gorgonio Service Center Council
  Donna M. Harris-Aikens
  Barbara C. and Dale E. Bradley & The Barbara C. Bradley Trust
  Elaine G. and Tykye G. Camaras
  George E. and Bonnie Rice
  Katherine H. Stirling
  Julie H. and George R. Heninger
  Curley C. Jones
  Rickie L. McCandless
  UEA Children At Risk Foundation
  Coleen G. and Donald R. Layton
  Jane J. and Robert N. Evert
  Ann W. and F. Neal Mortenson
  Dana and Donavan A. Dossett
  Randall J. Merrill
  Judy A. and John J. Zone
  North Carolina Association of Educators, Inc.
  Geri B. and Gordon Siegel
  John W. and Elizabeth Bennion
  Joanne G. and Allan H. Barker
  Vicci A. and Robert Gappmayer
  Diane Fuchs and Ronald Simon
  The NEA Foundation
  Laura J. Gross
  Arthur L. Bishop
  Pamela C. Petuskey
  North Eastern Ohio Education Association
  NEA - New Hampshire
  Diane K. Edminster
  R. Keith Widdowson
  California Casualty Management Co.
  Lynda M. Miner
  Cheryl J. and Charles G. Pribble
  American Endowment Foundation
  Evelyn B. and James B. Lee
  Karon A. and Ronald E. Sorensen
  Sheryl A. Allen
  Devereaux T. Dinwoodey
  Karlene H. Bauer
  Beverly K. and Michael K. Gardner
  Elizabeth D. Winter and Dan K. Lundergan
  Andrea P. and John J. McDonnell
  Yongmei Ni
  Phyllis J. and E. Russell Vetter
  Paul D. and Angela Julien
  Michael K. and Marva E. Lortsher
  Gera Summerford
  John Stocks
  Tomas and Moira Saucedo
  Mary J. Petzar
  Keith W. and Trisa J. Martin
  Dennis J. and Joan M. Mills
  Sarah O. and Joseph A. Barfuss
  Harvey A. Kantor and Janet J. Felker
  Donald L. and Nancy L. Smith
  Allen B. and Lara E. Rasmussen
  Paula E. and Richard T. Frank
  IKS LLC Oriental Food Market
  E. Casandra Mackris
  Regina A. Post
  Kitty J. Boitnott
  NEA - Women's Caucus
  Hung T. Nguyen
  Joy F. Campbell
  Cherry Creek Education Association
  Sandra Yarrington
  We, Inc.
  Lucinda M. and James C. Kautz
  Dianne P. and W. Kalmar Robbins
  Robert S. and Sue E. Martinez
  Linda M. Davin
  Khang's Auto Repair
  Andrew D. Linebaugh
  Sarah J. McCarthey and Mark Dressman
  Pamela P. and Jack Greene
  Lori N. and Paul W. Driggs
  Colleen T. and Blaine T. Busenbark
  Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  Vicky L. Dahn
  Judith M. and Malcolm P. Scott
  Grant N. Horne
  Barbara A. Whitton
  Michael W. Priser
  Daniel E. and Kathy J. Olympia
  Marguerite B. Lee
  Kristine Andreasen
  Sophie A. and Stanley M. Kouris
  Karen S. Mack
  Grace M. and W. Gordon Broomhead
  Margaret E. Barber
  Sharon Schonhaut
  Joan S. Blanck
  Genevieve W. Posluch
  Phadra L. Williams-Tuitt
  Alice M. OBrien
  Carol A. and C. Richard Evans
  Karen J. and Clarke W. Shaw
  Ruth R. and Gregory R. Peters
  Coral L. and James E. Coffey
  Julie L. and Gary L. Bowles
  Carrie Pugh and Matthew Felix
  Patricia E. Christensen
  David W. and Florence Dietz
  Linda H. and Douglas E. Wahlquist
  Kimberly J. and Kurt R. Martinson
  Gwen M. and Bart B. Hill
  Daniel C. and Sharon E. Wade
  Joseph A. and Wanda L. Novak
  Janet A. Blanchard
  Ruth A. Strampe
  Mary J. and Richard M. Lambert
  Alison M. and Norman Frye
  Leonard Paolillo
  Sandra S. and James Ivers
  Rebecca S. Pringle
  Ruth C. and Larry H. Siebers
  Marilyn F. and David A. Van Liew
  Sheila D. and Mark D. Johnson
  Kathleen M. and Ronald R. Wilkins
  Carla R. and Mark M. Cantor
  Patricia P. and Howard G. Miller
  Dallas L. and Melanie M. Johnson
  Sheryl L. and John C. Allen
  Christy C. and David C. Levings
  Lester J. and Linda Nielson Jr.
  Pamela C. and Steven A. Wilkison
  Patricia A. Hinkle
  Paula J. and Michael D. Monroe
  E. Brent and Carol Frazier
  Gayle S. Macey
  Joyce R. Powell
  Thais T. Williams
  Janet M. and Ray Taylor
  Dennis Van Roekel and Julie V. Roekel
  Greg A. and Diane K. Johnson
  Princess R. Moss
  Tina T. Dinh
  Jane A. and Daniel E. Roberts
  Gary H. and Norlene Hughes
  Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  Lerue W. Winget
  Lerue Winget Family Trust
  Pamela E. and Brent W. Webster
  Roger L. and Leta B. Tucker
  R. Keith and Marian V. VanWagenen
  Nancy S. and C. Joseph Lyon
  Linda T. and D. Lee Jenson
  Jeanette S. and Tatsumi Misaka
  Kevin L. and Catherine A. Cummings
  Sandra J. and Kerry R. South
  Sonja T. and Glen L. Beere
  Laraine P. and Matthew S. Chipman
  Jeanne F. and Ray R. Christensen
  Marolane and Ed A. Stevenson
  Craig R. and Sandra M. Stark
  Ann A. and Ray H. Wood
  Linda M. and James T. Roth
  V. Randall and Susan M. Turpin
  Susan K. and Max G. Reese
  Dorothy T. and Roger W. Quillicy
  Angela P. and Thomas T. Hewett
  Carolyn B. and Lawrence L. Robertson
  Dawn L. and Lee K. Roberts
  Elisabeth S. and Kevin L. Lambert
  Susan M. and Douglas P. Kuziak
  Donald S. Grayson and Linda L. Ditter
  Sheryl J. Phillips and John C. Thompson
  Mark K. and Lindy S. Burton
  David B. and Maria K. Malyn
  Edith H. and Richard T. O'Brien
  Danetta L. and Irvin H. Ratcliffe
  Kathie M. and Marshall J. Coopersmith
  Jeanne W. and Gordon Buchi
  Margaret O. and Craig L. Denton
  David L. and Gayle A. Dagley
  Jeanne G. and Kenneth W. Patterson
  Diane Cory and Daniel H. Kim
  Lauren A. and Bernard J. Liang
  Marilyn B. and Wilford J. Fellows
  Sue A. and Douglas K. Cook
  W. Eldon and La Wona B. Lundberg
  Chris and Linda Segura
  Patricia M. and Thomas J. Ence
  Kimberly Mills
  Joan B. and Jack S. Raynor
  Barry J. Graff
  Connie S. and Steven M. Sturzenegger
  Valerie A. Allison-Roan and Michael W. Roan
  Kathleen M. Lukken
  Marcelle M. Willock
  Jim Hristakos
  Bill E. and Karen Z. Thompson
  Joyce and Kelly G. Stevens
  Donna I. Morey
  Joseph H. Hineman
  Donna J. and Laurence E. Presser
  Linda A. Warner
  Susan G. Brown
  Marshall L. Crawley
  Lois K. Elkington
  Ronald and Jean Peterson
  Karrie L. Schatten
  Canyons Education Assocation
  Susan Vento
  Leona Hiraoka
  Christine L. and William R. Guinther
  Robert F. Chase
  Illinois Education Association
  Sheri M. Strickland
  Kenneth A. Ruberg
  American Indian/Alaska Native Caucus
  Rafael O. Rivera
  Janell R. and Gary V. Smith
  Sally Friedman
  Pamela M. and G. Frank Joklik
  Janeen L. Scott
  Janet G. and Robert D. Galbraith
  Marilyn C. Pyle
  Sumi L. Shin
  Ernest D. and Linda Rose
  Keith R. Bailey (Deceased)
  Jane G. Dennis
  Amy Hales
  Anna B. Williams and John Vickrey
  Merlyn E. and Henry R. Whitaker
  Robyn T. and Phillip G. Bechthold
  Jeffery M. Lillywhite
  Mary B. Alley
  Cheryl E. Thornell
  Linda and Peter Talley
  Bill and Keturah M. Raabe
  Carolyn E. York and Charles A. Jeszeck
  Amy Kurtz and Joseph B. Fuld
  James H. and Tamara V. Slaughter
  DeAnn Y. and Peter P. McCune
  Gordon H. and Darlene B. Lee
  Nevada State Education Association
  Anne F. Taverne
  Cynthia M. and Kingsley Murphy
  Kris T. and Jay L. Stone
  Christia Kaminsky-Ogawa and Rodney T. Ogawa
  M. Suzanne F. and Stanley J. Callister
  Kathleen R. Boggs
  Ellen N. Walker
  Patricia S. McLeese
  Joyce L. and Robert D. Hartley
  Krista M. Fogleman
  Huiling Li
  Susan A. Burk
  Michael D. Simpson
  Virginiaann G. Shadwick
  Matthew H. and Alexandra K. Finucane
  Leann and Norbert Widhalm
  Susan M. and Robert E. Pace
  Linda S. Dickey
  NEA Hispanic Caucus
  Florida Education Association
  NEA - New Mexico
  Shufeng Zheng
  Judith B. and Krege B. Christensen
  Patricia R. and Carter Broyles
  Carol G. Niederhauser
  Kerrie Naylor
  Kwang S. Won
  Kim's Accupuncture
  Laraine and Jonathan Lawes
  Roselee N. McNamara
  Karen A. Richey
  Olathe National Education Association
  JoAnn Galloway
  Peter N. and Katherine J. Alevizos
  Constance A. Cox
  Kim So Ul's
  Allen B. Rasmussen Trust
  Denise L. and Richard W. Colton
  June A. Christiansen
  Daniel D. and Catherine Houlihan
  Kenneth J. and Dolores H. Alford
  Janet E. Dade
  Roberta E. Hantgan
  David A. Sanchez
  Burton Counseling
  Thomas R. Mullin
  Mary E. Petajan
  Judith S. Taylor
  Destiny L. Turner
  Anne P. and A. Jerry Butler
  Judy H. and Wayne Sandholtz
  Alan D. Smith
  Meghan L. Zarnetske
  Paul H. and Marlene Shepherd
  Patricia M. and Garry L. Burg
  Ellen S. Bradley
  Linda R. Cabral and Edward D. Hernandez
  Julie R. McGinnis-Garcia
  Carolyn J. Breedlove
  Nancy L. Kochuk and Carl E. Luty
  Lyons Public Relations, LLC
  Susie C. Jablinske
  Patricia W. Bosak
  T. Lindsay and Kim Mead
  Mark K. Berntson
  Waterbury Teachers Association
  Spokane Education Association, Inc.
  Mary J. Cobb
  Florence R. Shepard
  Bob Wong
  Carolyn A. and W. Robert DeRose
  Melanie L. and Michael J. Battistone
  Lee S. and Ellen Vanhille
  William and Melrae Buck
  Joanna R. and Brian Cosbey
  Tana Neeley
  Gladys M. Tucker
  Roger and Dorothy Quillicy Family Trust
  Karin F. Holmgren
  Susan T. and Jamie L. Riley
  Ruth S. Felter Massie
  Charles R. Walston
  Alfred and Lorraine M. Campos
  Kimberly A. Anderson
  Brian E. Washington
  Elizabeth M. Picone
  Maine Education Association
  Eric Weiss and Karin K. Hess
  Peter M. Arum
  Lodi Education Association
  Carolyn E. Doggett
  Barbara A. and Donald Smith
  Susan N. and Neil A. Cohen
  Kathryn U. and Archie A. McCarrie
  Mona F. and George W. Delavan
  Sue B. and Joseph Smales
  Marcia H. and Robert K. Vickery
  Elaine M. and Hiro Iwasaki
  Barbara Saipe
  Hudson County Education Association
  Cathy and Timothy M. Chambless
  Grand Master Kim's Academy of Taekwondo
  Arnold E. and Cheryl Rothermich
  Joyce M. Bailey
  Karen R. and Perry Seelert
  Anne K. Stringham
  Aloysius S. Church
  Karen H. Nichols
  Linda M. and John Dunning
  Ruth L. Gardner
  Jane P. Foster
  Katherine L. Mattos
  Jea Uniserv Special
  Barbara C. Moldauer
  Deborah D. Floyd
  Bonneville Uniserv
  Daria M. and Peter A. Plummer
  Barbara A. and John S. Matteson
  Maurice Joseph
  Michael P. and Petra M. Ragan
  Alabama Education Retirees Association
  John L. Phillips
  Kelly L. Stout
  Del Monte Corporation
  Sharon L. Kay
  Lorraine J. and John H. Henderson
  Lola J. Jensen
  Denis F. and Gerry Isrow
  Yvonne G. Dehm

Gift reporting is compiled as accurately as possible from University records.  Occasionally errors can occur.  If you notice a discrepancy here, please contact Rob Hunsaker, Director of Development, at: or 801.581.3621.

Last Updated: 3/15/21