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International Initiatives

Students abroadThe Office of International Initiatives assists students, faculty, and staff who are interested in international programs and opportunities. During the summer of 2012, Dr. Susan Johnston led the 3rd annual Study Abroad Program to Peru which was designed to provide participants with hands-on opportunities to further develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills integral to becoming culturally competent and responsive professionals.

Machu PichuAs part of the 10 day program in Peru, participants took Spanish lessons, visited local schools, interacted with local teachers, and explored Cusco, Pisac, and Machu Picchu. Due to the continued success of the Study Abroad Program to Peru, this program will be offered again during the summer of 2013. Furthermore, two additional study abroad programs (to Morocco and to Italy) will be offered for the first time during the summer of 2013.

Although the study abroad programs to Peru, Morocco, and Italy are offered through the College of Education, there are no pre-requisites for participation and participants do not need to be students at the University of Utah in order to participate. Questions regarding these study abroad programs and other international initiatives should be directed to Susan Johnston, Ph.D., Director of International Initiatives and Professor in the Department of Special Education at

Asian International Program

Global education is a powerful force for positive economic and social change, and global competency is becoming an expectation for all graduates. No matter the profession chosen, forces at work in our global community will dramatically impact today’s students.

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Last Updated: 3/15/21