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The Center for Advancement of Technology in Education (CATE) has been awarded a contract with the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE)

Dr. Kirsten Butcher
Kirsten Butcher, Director of the Center for Advancement of Technology in Education

The Center for Advancement of Technology in Education (CATE) has been awarded a contract ($50,000.00) with the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE). The project involves evaluation of UtahFutures, a web-based career education application for students, parents, teachers, school counselors, job seekers and other stake holders. The project is one of the state initiatives to improve the information flow between education and economic development. The Governor has released an executive order establishing a new UtahFutures steering committee which oversees the future development of the UtahFutures website by improving both the usability as well as its ability to meet the needs of its users. CATE is tasked with two distinct and separate tasks. The first step is to make recommendations for the future design and development of by performing a user-centered needs analysis. Second, to evaluate the current utility and usability of the features currently developed in Dr. Robert Zheng is the principle investigator of the project. The co-PIs include Drs. Kirsten Butcher, Paul Gore and AJ Metz from Educational Psychology Department

Andrea Rorrer
Andrea Rorror, Director of the Utah Education Policy Center

Utah Education Policy Center

The 2011-2012 year has been a productive and exiting time for the Utah Education Policy Center in the College of Education. Marking a new chapter in our history, the UEPC expanded its capacity to engage in rigorous, timely research by developing further and deeper relationships through our work with educational leaders, schools, districts, and the state. The UEPC’s growing staff continues to bring experience, talent, expertise, and quality to the work we do to influence quality improvement in education policies and practices in Utah. The UEPC is excited for opportunities to continue and expand our evaluation and research services. In this past year, the UEPC has conducted research and evaluations on programs such as the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts and Learning Program, the Dual Language Immersion Program, the pay-for-performance pilot, chronic absenteeism, STEM teacher preparation, STEM enhancement at elementary and secondary levels, and community learning centers, to name a few, for the Utah State Office of Education, school districts, and community-based organizations while providing technical assistance to support school improvement efforts.

In addition to the new frontiers in educational research afforded by our engagement with UDA, the UEPC continued as the research partner with the Utah Data Alliance, which is a collaborative, multi-organizational partnership between the Utah State Office of Education, Utah System of Higher Education, Utah Career and Technology, Department of Workforce Services, Utah Education Policy Center, and Utah Education Network. Consistent with the UEPC mission, the purpose of the Utah Data Alliance is to provide and communicate research and information with the goal of improving education and workforce policy and practice. Specifically, the Utah Data Alliance is designed to enhance the quality of educational research and analysis in Utah regarding policies, practices, and programs by utilizing an integrated and confidential longitudinal data system.

At the UEPC, we are passionate about bridging research, policy, and practice to improve the quality of Utah public schools and higher education. Our commitment to rigorous, evidence-based strategies drives our work and fuels us to support clients and other educational stakeholders in their own improvement efforts. The UEPC remains a trusted source for valid and reliable evidence on educational issues in the state.
Last Updated: 3/15/21