The Office of Sponsored Projects provides FREE training on all aspects of pre-award and post-award grants administration.  Whether you prefer live instruction, "training-on-demand" or self-directed study, Research Education can advance your professional development at every career level. For more information visit http://osp.utah.edu/training/

Doug Ringle is the Grants & Contracts Manager for the College of Education. He can assist you with identifying funding sources, formatting proposals, developing budgets, initiating electronic proposal submissions, ensuring applications meet agency and university guidelines, etc. You can contact Doug at doug.ringle@utah.edu

Wendy Speers is the Grants and Contracts Accountant for the College of Education. She can assist you with your purchases as budgeted in your grant/award. You can contact Wendy at wendy.speers@utah.edu

Contact Wendy Speers. She will help you draft the offer letter for your students and setup scholarships.

Wendy Speers can help you with the purchasing of supplies on your grant/awards.



Last Updated: 1/30/18