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OFRS Services

The following are among the types of research support provided by the OFRS:


  • Identify funding sources and explains application requirements to investigators
  • Budget development, proposal formatting, and obtaining supporting documentation
  • Initiate electronic proposal submissions
  • Advise PI of changes to project based on awarded budget
  • Liaises with sponsor, department administrators and Principal Investigators
  • Ensures all applications meet agency and university guidelines and published deadlines
  • For additional support, contact: Doug RIngle,


  • Project accounting and administrative/financial oversight for assigned research grants and contracts.
  • Project set up and review of budget limits, award dates, contracts, and terms and conditions of the grant.
  • Assist PI with purchasing needs, reviewing and ensuring appropriateness of purchase against grant budget and initiating payment/purchase processes.
  • Reconcile grant expenditures and advise on appropriate actions for under-spent or over-spent budget lines, including re-budgeting requests, no-cost extensions, and carry-over requests.
  • Coordinate faculty and personnel salary effort changes and approvals through appropriate channels.
  • For additional support, contact: TBD

Additional U of U Available Collaborative Research Support

Last Updated: 3/15/21